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As the 2020 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo get nearer, there will
be an increasingly growing interest in Japanese Culture. Our goal is not just
the sale of goods, but also the sharing to the world of why, how, and where
these ancient Japanese traditional crafts came to be. We also wish to introduce
people to the not so well known, but wonderful places not usually visited
in standard tours.   

Welcome to Ever Green, a Japanese Miscellaneous Goods Store located in Nara City Japan

Many traditions and customs have evolved throughout the thousands of years of Japan's existence. The traditional handicraft and artworks that 
exist today have been passed down from generation to generation by the peoples of their various areas who perfected and polished their craft over time using the resources provided to them by Mother Nature. 
Unfortunately, over time, the necessity of such craftwork has come under question and some traditions and customs are nearing the brink of extinction. It is our desire to share this tradition and culture with the world and we hope for a growing interest that may lead to it's preservation.     
  There are more Yakusugi products available now !!
  Kaishi from Kyoto has just been added to our product list !!
  Soon to come: Beppu Takezaiku - Sasebo Koma    
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Apple Tree Products
Wooden products made from Aomori Prefecture apple trees that have served their purpose. They have a distinct warm characteristic about them.

Himekawa Craftwork 
"White-Tanned Leather"(Himekawa) from Himeji City in Hyogo Prefecture especially known for it's strength and natural whiteness features.  




1327-7 Furuichi cho
Nara Shi Nara Ken
Japan   630-8424

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